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My love for God is the reason I started photography to begin with. I saw His creation all around me (Psalm 19:1, Romans 1:20), and knew I wanted to capture it through the vision He gave me for His beauty. It started in my backyard with flowers and trees, and progressed to capturing the most sacred of relationships and beautiful covenant of marriage (Ephesians 2:25-33). Without Him, my business would not be where it is today. I give all the glory to God not only for saving me and redeeming my life, but for being so faithful and generous as to bless my business and allow me to experience so many opportunities through it. Even before the quality of photos I take, my #1 goal as a photographer is to show Christ's love to everyone I get the honor of working with, and to serve abundantly from start to finish.

More than anything, my work is about connection. I can't just show up to a wedding and expect to capture things genuinely without getting to know the couple first. I want to know your love story, your favorite things about each other, what makes your heart beat faster, what the most important things are on your wedding day, and why you can't wait a second longer to spend your life with the amazing person you're writing all about. Documenting couples is more than just taking pictures as an outsider; it's stepping into the sacredness of someones world and turning moments of laughter, tears, lifelong promises, in-between moments, and even the raging parties, into photographs that can be relived forever. So whatever I can do to get to know you beforehand, you bet I'll do.

I'm not a fan of repeating other's work or following trends that are status-quo. My mission for photography is first and foremost to capture a couple in their genuine interactions and quirks, and second, to bring their vision for photos to life in their own unique way. I never shoot cookie-cutter to another photographers work- I take inspiration from some great creatives, but put my own twist on what I'm seeing in front of me and let your love story be what drives me to make something entirely new.

If you've ever met me in person (or seen a few of my cringy TikToks.. haha) you'll know that I'm obsessed with my husband. He's the best person I've ever met and our love story was crafted by none other than God Himself. If we get the time, I'll tell ya about it :)
The way Hunter loves me is a driving force towards capturing both the obvious and the subtle moments between two people. Keeping his love in mind and understanding the way two humans can connect so intimately, helps me to search for those tiny details and interactions which are unique to each couple, ultimately enabling me to romanticize each and every one of them to the fullest I am able. 

01. Faith

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03. Creativity

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